In a guitar band and need to record some professional, high quality, radio ready songs?

Want to go further than drums, bass, guitars and incorporate more loops, synths, reversed experimental elements to your songs?

Need a studio you can set up in and play, turn your amps up loud and capture unique performances of your songs in?

Recording bands is what we do best at VIBE - the studio is configured for drums, bass and guitars plus we’ve got the skills as well as the musical knowledge to get creative with anything from radio friendly modern indie, psychedelic alt rock, confrontational punk or even as extreme as aphex twin style madness or the more delicate acoustic stylings of someone like nick drake.

Plus we make sure not only are you 100% confident with your song when it’s been mixed and mastered and you’ve captured your creative vision as you imagined it - we also can help and assist with how to release it, social media, playlisting, promotion and general presentation. If it’s a creative part of being a band - we’re there to help.

we can reply fairly quick via whatsapp

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The control room at VIBE Recording Studio in Manchester. Bold red lights cast shadows over the dark vintage mixing desk, the bright white glow of the two screens illuminate every pot, switch, fader and button.

Manchester's legendary recording studio, based just outside the city centre, offers a unique recording experience for the up-and-coming artist to the seasoned recording musician. Our truly unique vintage mixing desk, selection of premium microphones, massive 32x24ft live room, dedicated vocal booth as well as our chill out area… make the ideal environment for our clients to get creative and productive. Whether you're a band, solo artist, rapper, choir, voice over artist or anyone else requiring high quality professional audio - We offer an affordable service with results we're confident you'll be pleased with.

☎️ +44 (0) 7772266521 ☎️

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VIBE Recording Studios

Sandy Bank Road

(just off Bury Old Road, A665)


M8 5BW

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Please don’t put the postcode into your satnav sometimes, it can take you to the big TESCO car park behind us - which is in the centre of a one way system, and requires a full loop round before getting back onto Bury Old Road (A665) again.

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VIBE Recording Studio

65 St Germain Street

Farnworth, Bolton


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☎️ +44 (0) 7772266521 ☎️

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