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The control room at VIBE Recording Studio in Manchester. Bold red lights cast shadows over the dark vintage mixing desk, the bright white glow of the two screens illuminate every pot, switch, fader and button.

Manchester's legendary recording studio, based just outside the city centre, offers a unique recording experience for the up-and-coming artist to the seasoned recording musician. Our truly unique vintage mixing desk, selection of premium microphones, massive 32x24ft live room, dedicated vocal booth as well as our chill out area… make the ideal environment for our clients to get creative and productive. Whether you're a band, solo artist, rapper, choir, voice over artist or anyone else requiring high quality professional audio - We offer an affordable service with results we're confident you'll be pleased with.

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Services We Offer

Recording a full band, or just laying down some vocals - tracking drums through our desk or guitar amps turned up loud in our live room... tap whichever best applies to you below;

Lewis sits at the drum kit, sticks in hand playing a steady  beat in VIBE Recording Studio, Manchester. In the picture, the drumkit starts about two thirds of the way up, surrounded by hushed blue live room lighting and decorative long rug.
Boni playing guitar in the live room, staring down at his pedals set over a backdrop of toned down blue lighting with the fancy rug underneath everything.
Ethan, stood one half to his side, one hand hanging off his belt, sings confidently into the VIBE Recording Studio microphone in Manchester. The vocal booth is laden with long curtains, acoustic treatment and fancy fairy lights round the top.
Sagar stares at the screen, flanked to the left by a white yamaha hs7 speaker and beyond that a black genelec 1031a speaker. The red lighting casts shadows over acoustic treatment and the bright and colourful MIDAS vintage mixing desk is supporting.
Dave hunched over a complicated set up of keyboards, synthesisers, drum machines and more. He's in the live room at VIBE Recording Studio, Manchester. The lighting is dark blue and all the equipment's lights glow brightly
a string quartet play three violins and a cello between them, all smiling and having a good time sat in a semi circle in the middle of the live room at VIBE Recording Studio, Manchester
Brian sits at the MIDAS mixing desk, in the control room of VIBE Recording Studio, Manchester.
J poses for the camera in the vocal booth at VIBE Recording Studio, Manchester

VIBE's Recording Heritage

Formerly owned by New Order (See The Perfect Kiss video directed by Jonathan Demme), VIBE has welcomed much of Manchester’s musical elite over the years; The Stone Roses, The Happy Mondays, Inspiral Carpets, Doves, Badly Drawn Boy and more recently James. It has continued to be a popular and important facility for bands, artists and music minded people across the city and beyond.

The vocal booth at VIBE Recording Studio, Manchester
The control room at VIBE Recording Studio, Manchester
The live room at VIBE Recording Studio, Manchester
The chill out area at VIBE Recording Studio, Manchester

Recording Studio Equipment

Unique, hand-wired MIDAS recording console with 18 channels of class A pre-amps, featuring a gorgeous British EQ. The 005 and 003 MIDAS channel strips that both feature on our console, are as sought after as the high-end vintage Neve and SSL channel strips. Together with our premium antelope analog to digital conversion - we offer truly high end, vintage class-A recording.

Watch studio owner Martin, talking to MIDAS about our desk in more depth here 👇

Monitoring by Genelec

Conversion by Antelope Audio

the MIDAS mixing desk, hand wired in 1975

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There’s usually 2-3 car parking spaces right outside our front door - but we are also adjacent to a NatWest car park - if the gates are open and there’s space, it’s fine to park on there temporarily whilst you locate our front door

⚠️ please be aware there’s an advertising agency called ‘VIBE Studio’ in the city centre - be sure to check your route isn’t taking you there by mistake ⚠️


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1 - Get off at Seymour Rd Stop G / H

2 - 500ft / 2min Walk

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1 - Get off at Crumpsall, Station Rd

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1 - Get off at Victoria, Manchester

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VIBE Recording Studios

Sandy Bank Road

(just off Bury Old Road, A665)


M8 5BW

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Please don’t put the postcode into your satnav sometimes, it can take you to the big TESCO car park behind us - which is in the centre of a one way system, and requires a full loop round before getting back onto Bury Old Road (A665) again.

please send any correspondence to the following address

VIBE Recording Studio

65 St Germain Street

Farnworth, Bolton




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